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We Love a Used Prius!

They are SO Reliable…

Odometer mileage on a Prius is not like on other cars. Because of the Hybrid Synergy Drive, these cars are not exposed to the same wear and tear that normal cars are. The computer tells the gas engine how fast to run and the electric motor generator is used to stop the car, so the brakes last a looonnngg time.

How Far Can They Go?

Hard to say. We routinely buy and sell them with 250,000 miles and up. At First Landing Autocare, we have a courtesy shuttle Prius from 2007. Its odometer quit at 299,999, so we don’t know how far it has really gone, but it’s still getting over 40 MPG.

What About the Hybrid Battery?

Our partners at The Hybrid Shop Hampton Roads are able to repair and recondition the hybrid batteries back to like-new performance. We routinely replace the hybrid battery in each Prius we purchase for resale. A warranty is available for up to three years at a very reasonable cost.

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