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Used Cars – Our Way

Used cars – a Logical Extension of our Existing Business

We are relatively new at the used or pre-owned car business. We got into it because we are experts at hybrid vehicle repair and maintenance and we had access to a lot of great used hybrid cars that owners had given up on. We have been in the repair business for many years at our two First Landing Autocare shops and we wanted to bring the same family and neighborhood-oriented approach to used cars. Check us out on Facebook, too.

A Learning Experience…

Becoming a used car dealer in Virginia Beach is not easy, but we made it and are learning new things about used cars ion genral and used hybrid vehicles in particular every day. For instance, it was painful to learn that used Honda hybrids are not reliable so we won’t buy or sell them. Toyota hybrids, on the other hand are amazingly reliable and we can buy and sell them with confidence.

Where to From Here?

We have recently expanded our staff and found new ways to provide financing for all buyers. The cars we offer are ‘younger’ and have lower mileage. We are able to offer warranties that can be rolled into the financing. All of our cars get checked out by ASE-certified technicians at our service shops. First Landing Autocare has been Best of the Beach for the past five years because we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. First Landing Auto Sales is built on that same foundation.

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