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Prices shown on our website and other websites that represent our inventory are subject to change without notice.  We make every effort to keep the information on our vehicles up to date, but there are numerous third party information systems involved in marketing our cars and there are delays in posting and opportunities for error at every step in the process.  To ascertain the correct current price for any vehicle in our inventory, you must contact us by telephone at (757)460-8000.

We strive to accurately represent the options and features on each vehicle we advertise.  We use automated information systems from third parties to populate the detailed information about our cars, but they may leave some features out or inadvertently include some that aren’t actually present.   Modern cars are loaded with options and accessories and we don’t have the resources in time or manpower to verify the accuracy of each item listed by a vendor’s database.  The only way to verify the actual equipage of a vehicle is to call us at (757)460-8000 or come to our lot and visually inspect it.

In the majority of cases the photos we provide online are the actual vehicle being sold. In rare cases, however, in an effort to get vehicles online in a hurry, we may use stock photos that provide an accurate representation of the car in question.


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